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Posted on: Monday, 20 March 2017 at 12:12:31 PM

WALGA has recently been joined Tyre Stewardship Australia as an Accredited Local Government Participant.

Tyre Stewardship Australia are the product stewardship organisation tasked with implementing the voluntary tyre product stewardship scheme.

As part of joining, WALGA has written to the WALGA Preferred Supplier Panel for the supply, fitting and maintenance and recycling of tyres to congratulate organisations already members of TSA and to invite non-members to join and become accredited.

WALGA will also include a requirement for TSA participation in future Preferred Supplier Agreements and in internal contracts for WALGA fleet tyres

WALGA strongly encourages all Local Governments to join TSA. For more information on Tyre Stewardship Australia, please visit the website.

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