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Emergency Reports

Posted on: Friday, 20 April 2018 at 2:21:30 PM

Emergency Reports

WALGA has received funding through the National Disaster Resilience Program 2017-18 to undertake a project that assists Local Government with better incorporating waste management considerations into emergency management processes.

To date, two Reports have been produced:

  • Research Report: analysis of relevant legislation, case studies and considerations for decision makers, and;
  • Local Government Engagement: identifying how waste management considerations are currently imbedded into local emergency management structures and the baseline level of knowledge and expertise in relation to waste management.

The contents of these Reports will inform the development of resources in the next stage of this project that will assist emergency management practitioners in planning for, and responding to, debris generated in various emergency situations. This includes the development of a Tender for a WALGA Preferred Supplier Arrangement for Hazardous and Emergency Event Services.

For more information on this project contact Rebecca Brown, 9213 2063 or email

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