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End Of Tyre Management: February 2013

In response to the 2012 Consultation on the proposed Voluntary Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme, MWAC developed a Research Paper on End of Life Tyre management in Australia (endorsed February 2013).

Key finding: That MWAC supports a national, mandatory or co-regulatory Extended Producer Responsibility Scheme for the management of used tyres. In the event that an effective national scheme does not eventuate in a timely fashion, a State based Scheme should be pursued.

More information is available here.

Federal Product Stewardship Scheme - End Of Life Tyres

Federal discussion on addressing End of Life Tyres via a Product Stewardship Scheme has been occurring for years. A Timeline of the most recent discussions and MWAC submissions is included below:

End of Life Tyres information
Year  Initiative MWAC Submission 

July 2008 

The EPHC releases the following documents for consultation:

  • CRIS on End of Life Tyre Management
  • Industry Scheme Brochure
  • Draft Tyre Product Stewardship Agreement 
  • NEPM Impact Statement
  • NEPM Threshold Study

Consultation RIS for End-of-Life Tyre Management

Industry Scheme Brochure_FINAL

Tyres Product Stewardship Agreement

Tyres NEPM Impact Statement_FINAL

Tyres NEPM Threshold Study_FINAL


November 2009

At the EPHC meeting, environment ministers committed to working with industry, governments and the community to find appropriate solutions for the responsible management of end of life tyres. Namely, developing industry-led schemes to increase recycling and expand the market 
for tyre derived products. Industry-led schemes will aim to open up new local markets for managing end of life tyres. Many opportunities exist for using end of life tyres including for road construction material and playgrounds with new options emerging such as flexible paints and glues.

May 2010 The Tyre Implementation Working Group is established to develop a Voluntary Product Stewardship Scheme - which will be implemented and administered by Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA).   
July 2012

The Working Group releases Guidelines for consultation, that describes how a Voluntary Scheme will function. The Scheme aims to:

  • Increase domestic tyre recycling;
  • Expand the market for tyre-derived products; and
  • Reduce the number of end-of-life tyres that are sent to landfill, illegally dumped or exported as 
    baled tyres for environmentally unsustainable use.
Submission on the Draft Guidelines for the Voluntary Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme
September 2012 The Australian Tyre Industry Council applies to the ACCC for the authorisation of the Voluntary Scheme.  
April 2013 The ACCC authorises the Scheme for five years until 3 May 2018.  
2013? Implementation of the Scheme is expected to occur in 2013.   

WA State Government Papers On Tyres: 2006

In a Presentation at Waste & Recycle 2006 Conference, then Minister for Environment Mark McGowan listed End of Life Tyres as a priority product in the 2006/07 Waste Management Board Business Plan. Following this, the Waste Management Board has released a series of Papers on Tyres.

Investigation into the Environmental, Social and Economic Impacts of a Potential Banning of Used Tyres to Landfill and of Mandatory Recycling of Used Tyres

Review of the Management of Tyres at Landfills

Stockpile Guidelines

Technology and Market Development

Also available is the Boards Used Tyres Strategy for WA