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Federal Government Initiatives

Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency (est. July 2013)

On 1 July 2013 the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency was created, taking over the work of the interim Office of Asbestos Safety. Further information on the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency can be found here. The Agency is tasked with:

The Australian Government established the Interim Office of Asbestos Safety in September 2012. The Office was tasked with developing the Government's response to the Asbestos Management Review. This involved:

  • Developing a National Strategic Plan for managing asbestos issues; and
  • Creating an independent, national agency to be responsible for implementing the plan.

Asbestos Management Review: August 2012

In August 2012, the Australian Government released the Asbestos Management Review Report. The Report can be viewed here.

The primary aim of the Review was to make recommendations for the development of a National Strategic Plan to improve asbestos awareness and management within Australia. The Review's ToR had a broad scope and encompassed asbestos management issues beyond work health and safety, including environmental and public health issues. The Report recommended that a National Strategic Plan be developed, with the following six priority areas:

  • Identification;
  • Management;
  • Transport, storage and disposal;
  • Awareness;
  • Education; and
  • Information sharing.

The Report identifies Local Government as being integral to the successful implementation of a number of initiatives outlined in the Strategic Plan. ALGA has coordinated much of the sector's response to the Review and the Strategic Plan at the national level. WALGA has provided input into these negotiations.

Useful Resources For Local Government

Department of Health

DoH is the Agency tasked with administering the Health (Asbestos) Regulations 1992. Click on the above link to view DoH's resources and information on asbestos.  

In June 2015, the DoH released for comment a draft code of practice, and a draft MoU with WorkSafe. The proposed reforms aim to achieve consistency of approach with WorkSafe and align a number of requirements with those of Occupation Safety and Health legislation. The Association has developed a Submission on these documents. Further information is available here.

Department of Environment Regulation

The Department of Environment Regulation is responsible for approvals and licensing, compliance and response, enforcement, and other major environmental initiatives within Western Australia.

WorkSafe WA

WorkSafe is a division of the Department of Commerce, the Western Australian State Government agency responsible for the administration of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984.  The principal objective of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 is to promote and secure the safety and health of people in the workplace.

Safe Work Australia

Safe Work Australia has developed some model Codes of Practice on Asbestos. These are titled: How to Safely Remove Asbestos, and How to Manage and Control Asbestos in the Workplace.

EnHealth - Guide for Householders

Click on the above link to view the EnHealth Asbestos Guide for Householders.