Rubbish bins

Better Practice Kerbside Recycling

Better Bins Kerbside Collection Guidelines

These guidelines are designed to help Local Governments select kerbside collection systems that can achieve increased resource recovery rates. They are based on experiences of Local Governments within Western Australia and interstate. In the short to medium term, the Waste Authority believes that higher recovery is likely to be delivered through:

  • source separation using a three-bin collection system, with separate bins for general waste, dry recyclables and garden organics
  • collection systems where general waste is processed through an alternative waste treatment facility.

To access the Guidelines, visit the Waste Authority website.

Marketing Dry Recyclables

WRAP has published a new guide to help local authorities maximise the benefit that they obtain for dry recyclables.

The guide is designed to equip officers with the knowledge required to select the right materials sales strategy for their circumstances, exploring key commercial considerations such as the pricing mechanism, material quality and operational requirements. It includes a number of example contract clauses in relation to the mechanisms described.

The document has been split into individual chapters to enable you to access the information you are interested in. Alternatively, you can read the summary report or the full guide in its entirety.