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Community Engagement & Enforcement

Bin Tagging Program: 2016 Rollout

WALGA has received funding from the Waste Authority, through the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Levy, to deliver an engagement and enforcement program to increase recycling and reduce contamination in the kerbside recycling system.

The Bin Tagging Program was rolled out early 2016 with assistance from WALGA and funding from the Waste Authority. The Local Governments that were successful in securing assistance were the Towns of Bassendean and Mosman Park, Cities of Cockburn and Joondalup and the Shire of Capel.

The Bin Tagging Program: Kerbside Behaviour Change Report is available here.

Bin Tagging Pilot Program

In 2014, WALGA was allocated funding by the Waste Authority to implement
a community engagement and enforcement program that increased the recycling
rate from kerbside collections and reduced contamination.This followed on from the ‘That’s Rubbish’ Campaign implemented in 2013/14. 

This program has been developed to assist Local Government to meet the State Waste Strategy targets for diversion of municipal waste from landfill (Metropolitan area 50%, and 30% for Regional Centres by 2015).  The Program will also assist Local Government to save money.  With increasing disposal costs and recycling contractors considering introducing penalty rates for highly contaminated recycling, this is the time to act to reduce contamination and save money.

To do determine the efficacy of the program a Pilot Program was undertaken in the Cities of Joondalup, Kwinana and the Town of Cambridge in February - April 2015.

The Pilot was very successful, showing increased rates of correct recycling and a decrease in the recycling in the waste bin. A funding proposal, for a larger roll out of the Program, was put to the Waste Authority. The Bin Tagging Pilot Program: Summary of Outcomes is available here.

Workshop 2014: Changing Behaviour to Increase Recycling

On Friday, 12 September 2014 WALGA hosted a workshop on this topic at the Town of Cambridge. At this workshop, an overview was provided on engagement and enforcement approaches used in other Australian jurisdictions, as well as the resources and timeframe available to deliver the Waste Authority funded program. The opportunities this program presents for Local Government were also explored.

The event flyer is available here.


WALGA (Rebecca Brown, Heather Squire)

ZeroWasteSA (Simone Cunningham)

Waste Authority Waste Education Guidelines project (Gae Synnott)