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Have your say on CDS locations

Published: Tuesday, 30 October 2018 at 9:29:14 AM

Have your say on CDS locations

The McGowan Government is committed to the implementation of a Western Australian Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) by early 2020.

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) has released the draft CDS customer service standards for consultation.  This document proposes locations where the community will be able to return eligible beverage containers. Once finalised, the CDS customer service standards will inform the negotiations between Government and the Preferred Scheme Coordinator on specific criteria, targets and reporting of the Scheme Coordinator, and detail the establishment and implementation of the CDS.

The preferred approach will result in a minimum of 196 refund points across Western Australia:

  • 111 full time refund points: 95 Perth/Yanchep, 1 Kimberley, 2 Pilbara, 0 Gascoyne, 2 Mid-West, 3 Goldfields-Esperance, 0 Wheatbelt, 0 Peel, 6 South West, 2 Great Southern.
  • 85 flexible refund points: 1 Rottnest, 10 Kimberley, 7 Pilbara, 4 Gascoyne, 6 Mid-West, 8 Goldfields-Esperance, 27 Wheatbelt, 4 Peel, 12 South West, 6 Great Southern.

Further information is available here. To contribute to the WALGA Submission, please contact Heather Squire, Waste Management Specialist by COB Friday, 16 November

Local Governments are encouraged to provide a submission directly to the Department outlining the implications of the proposed approach on their communities by Thursday, 6 December.

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