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Keep Australia Beautiful

Keep Australia Beautiful (KAB) provides leadership in the field of litter prevention and reduction by helping to change the attitudes and behaviours of the community.

KAB oversees the operation of a number of programs related to community education, enforcement, encouraging and rewarding sustainable behaviour change, as well as strategic policy.

KAB administers WA's Litter Act 1979 and is responsible for enforcement of litter and illegal dumping fines and for recommending and influencing legislation and regulations that improve and protect the environment.

The Litter Prevention Strategy for Western Australia 2015-2020 sets out a framework for leadership from State Government, as well as collaboration with stakeholders to protect the environment.

The State Government, through the KABC, will implement litter prevention activities under seven priority areas: research and data, auditing and evaluation, policy and legislation, public education, information and training, enforcement, physical intervention and stakeholder responsibility.

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Unsecure Loads, Unsafe Roads

Interested in creating a cleaner and safer environment for your community?

Keep Australia Beautiful WA (KABWA) is seeking Local Governments who are interested in promoting the message ‘Unsecured Loads, Unsafe Roads’.   To promote this message a donation of $300 is available to your Local Government.

Research has shown that over 40% of the roadside litter comes from the back of utes, trucks and trailers because loads are not properly secured.  In addition to polluting the environment, items coming off the back of vehicles pos a safety risk to other road users.

The Unsecured Load, Unsafe Road campaign includes a range of strategies to educate drivers about the dangers of not securing their loads correctly and how to avoid the hazards caused by items falling off trucks, utes and trailers.

KABWA has developed a kit, which can be used at local events, to promote the Campaign and would like to partner with Local Government to spread this important message in your local community.

Opportunities to exhibit include field days, market days or community festivals. Or perhaps you have ideas of other avenues where you can promote this important message. Not only will you be addressing a litter issue but making your community safer.

Each Local Government will receive $300 as a donation to assist with costs.

Please see attached further information about the project.

If you are interested please contact or ring Hayley on 6467 5122 to find out more.