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Used Oil Recycling and Collection

Used Motor Oil Preferred Supplier

WALGA Preferred Supplier Contract

A tender was called for a suitably experienced and qualified organisations to provide for the Collection and Recycling of Used Motor Oil from metropolitan and non-metropolitan Local Governments throughout Western Australia.  This tender was awarded to Wren Oil.

Local Governments interested in using the Preferred Supplier arrangement should contact Wren Oil on 9725 4002.

Change to collection costs February 2016

WALGA and Wren Oil agreed to vary the current Preferred Supplier contract to include a price to collect and recycle used oil in February 2016.

The low international price of oil has greatly impacted the price of recycled oil. Wren Oil have reviewed their own operations to reduce costs and as a last resort sought to increase collection costs.

To receive a copy of the variation contact Manager, Waste and Recycling Rebecca Brown on 9213 2063.