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Recycled Construction And Demolition Waste

January 2015

The State Government has released two Material Guidelines to set out how to use waste-derived materials for clean fill and for construction products. The release of the guidelines coincides with the increase in the landfill levy rate from January 1 2015.

The guidelines provide industry and government, including waste processors, land developers and Local Government, a framework of what is acceptable in to allow more of these materials to be diverted from landfill.

 To access to Material Guideline: Clean Fill  and Material Guideline: Construction Products, visit

C&D Workshop: May 2013

In May 2013 the Municipal Waste Advisory Council (MWAC) hosted a workshop on the use of Recycled Construction and Demolition (C&D) materials. The workshop discussed how recycled C&D is used in Western Australia, regulatory requirements and case studies of various applications. The workshop featured presentations from:

Main Roads: Use of Recycled Construction and Demolition Waste -A Main Roads Perspective

The Waste Authority: Waste Authority: overview of action on C&D recycling

The Department of Environment and Conservation: C&D Recycling Regulatory requirements and Asbestos Guidelines

Curtin Pavement Research Group: Performance of Recycled Concrete Aggregate as a Base Course Material in Road Pavements

Capital Recycling: The Quality Process for Manufacturing Recycled Products

Local Government C&D Survey: February 2013

In late 2012 MWAC undertook a survey of Local Governments to determine if recycled C&D material was being used. The Survey found the majority of Local Governments weren't using C&D material.

The report on the outcomes of the survey is available here: Western Australian Local Government use of recycled construction and demolition materials

Green Star Submission on C&D Waste Management: December 2012

In Late 2012, the WA Local Government Association (WALGA) submitted a paper commenting on the Construction & Demolition Waste Management in Green Star Discussion Paper, produce by the Green Building Council Australia. The report is available here: Construction & Demolition Waste Management in Green Star Discussion Paper

Opportunities for C&D use for Local Government: April 2010

In 2010 WALGA received a Strategic Waste Initiative Scheme (SWIS) grant to undertake a project focusing on the opportunities for Local Governments to use recycled construction and demolition waste in road construction and maintenance. Consultants ARRB were commissioned to under the project.

The completed report is available here: Recycled products in local road construction and maintenance activities.

C&D workshop: December 2008

In December 2008 WALGA hosted a workshop. The workshop features presentations from:

Waste Management Association of WA: Introduction to the Construction & Demolition Working Group

Midland Brick: Glass Recycling and Midland Magpies

Pioneer Road Services: Recycling of Glass and Tyres in Asphalt Manufacture

ARRB Group: Zero Waste Initiative in South Australia

RM Consultants: Energy and Environmental Implications in Recycling of Demolition Materials

Preferred Suppliers: Recycled Road base – Construction and Demolition Materials

This Panel is for the supply of road making aggregates sourced from the by-products of the construction and demolition industry. Preferred Suppliers to this Category have product that conforms to the IPWEA-WALGA specification for the supply of road making aggregates sourced from by-products of the construction and demolition industry. For more information, visit

Preferred Suppliers in this category include:

  • All Earth Group Pty Ltd
  • Capital Recycling
  • Dowsing Concrete
  • Mineral Haulage and Earthmoving