Laying Down the Law

WALGA with funding from the Waste Authority, through the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Levy, has developed a Template Waste Local Law. WALGA has also developed a Guidance note which is to explain the rationale used to develop this Template Local Law, and to assist Local Governments in applying it to their local situation. It contains comments about the local law-making process, the head of power for the Template Local Law and a detailed rationale for the inclusion / exclusion of a range of clauses in the Local Law.

Master Template Waste Local Law.

Template Waste Local Law Guidance Note.

For general questions about developing a Local Law, contact Governance Manager James McGovern on 9213 2093.

For specific questions on the Waste Local Law contact Manager, Waste and Recycling Rebecca Brown on 9213 2063.

Feb 2014 – September 2014