WasteNews 2016

Issue 22: Charity Collaborations

Issue 21: DER Regulatory Rollout

Issue 20: Looking at Local Government

Issue 19: Paintback drop off days

Special Edition: Waste Audit

Issue 18: Thank you Alex and Ruth

Issue 17: Launched Mattress Lands Softly

Issue 16: Still Time to Register!

Special Edition: W&R Conference Early Bird Rates end Friday 26 August

Issue 15: Container Deposit Scheme Commitment

Issue 14: Less is More

issue 13: Confused About Reporting Requirements?

Issue 12: How are we Doing?

Issue 11: Bin Tagging Near You

Issue 10: Verge Out

Issue 9: Are we Still Verging on the Ridiculous?

Issue 8: Container Deposit Win

Issue 7: Conference Countdown

Issue 6: Compost is Coming

Issue 5: It's No Joke

Issue 4: CCTV to Tackle Illegal Dumping

Issue 3: Local Governments Invited to our Tour of Good Sammy's Recycle Plant

Issue 2: Five Local Governments are Rolling out the Bin Tagging Program

Issue 1: Introducing WasteNews, WALGA's New Waste and Recycling Newsletter!

22 January 2016:

8 January 2016: