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Submissions And Reports - pre-2014 Archive

Document Centre Results
Title Document Date
MWAC Submission on the Proposed Amendments to the National TV and Computer Recycling Scheme May 2013 June 10, 2013
MWAC Submission on the PSO Review April 2013 June 1, 2013
WALGA Submission on the Draft State Planning Strategy May 20, 2013
Comments on the development of the KABWA Litter Strategy 201419 May 14, 2013
Waste to Energy Discussion Paper for Local Government April 1, 2013
MWAC Submission on the Metropolitan Local Government Review Final Report February 1, 2013
MWAC Submission on the GBCA's discussion paper into Construction and Demolition Waste Management in Green Star December 1, 2012
Interim MWAC Submission on the DEC Draft Guidelines on Managing Asbestos at Construction & Demolition Waste Recycling Facilities October 1, 2012
WALGA Submission on the National Food Plan Green Paper September 20, 2012
WALGA Submission on the Contaminated Sites Act Review, September 2012 September 10, 2012
WALGA Submission on the Gascoyne Regional Planning and Infrastructure Framework September 1, 2012
Submission on the Draft Guidelines for the Voluntary Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme, July 2012 July 1, 2012
WALGA Interim Submission on Productivity Commission Paper LG as Regulator May 31, 2012
WALGA Submission on Productivity Commission Paper on RIA Benchmarking May 20, 2012
MWAC Metropolitan LG Review Draft Findings Submission May 10, 2012
Submission on Country Local Government Fund Report May 1, 2012
Packaging Impacts Consultation RIS Submission March 28, 2012
Voluntary PS Arrangements Model Submission March 27, 2012
WALGA Submission on the Mid West Regional Planning Framework January 2, 2012
MWAC Submission Metro Local Government Review January 1, 2012
CDS Petition Submission December 1, 2011
Submission on the CFI Positive and Negative List Regulations September 13, 2011
Letter on National Food Plan September 6, 2011
Submission on National Food Plan September 5, 2011
Submission on Used Packaging Materials NEPM Submission August 17, 2011
Submission on CFI Positive and Negative Lists Submission July 1, 2011
Submission on Draft Methodology for the capture and combustion of landfill gas June 30, 2011
Submission on Proposed Amendments to the EP (Noise) Act Regulations May 23, 2011
Submission on TV and Computer Draft Regulations May 1, 2011
Submission on TV's and Computers Product Stewardship Scheme April 8, 2011
Senate Inquiry Submission Product Stewardship Bill 2011 April 1, 2011
Product Stewardship Legislation Consultation Paper December 8, 2010
Outer Metro Perth and Peel/ Central Metro Perth Sub-regional Strategies December 1, 2010
State Planning Strategy 2010 Draft Discussion Papers November 1, 2010
National E-Waste Product Stewardship Scheme October 1, 2010
Consultation RIS Used Packaging Materials May 1, 2010
Submission on Draft II Waste Strategy for WA April 1, 2010
Submission on Acceptance of Acid Sulphate Soils at Landfill Sites February 19, 2010
Submission on Draft I Waste Strategy for WA December 5, 2009
AWT Workshop Outcomes December 4, 2009
Waste Contingency Planning Workshop - Outcomes August 13, 2009
Consultation RIS on TV and Computers August 1, 2009
National Waste Policy Framework July 2009 July 30, 2009
Recycled Organics Submission June 23, 2009
Submission on the National Waste Policy May 1, 2009
Kerbside Collection Systems Decision Making Tool March 1, 2009
C&D Guidelines Submission February 3, 2009
Organics Submission February 2, 2009
Waste Inquiry Submission February 1, 2009
Submission on Product Stewardship for Oil Review September 1, 2008
Overview of all Submission on Draft NEPM (Tyres) July 11, 2008
MWAC Submission on the Senate Inquiry into the Management of Australia's Waste Streams February 1, 2008
MWAC Submission to the Landfill Levy Review January 1, 2008
MWAC Submission on Draft Litter Strategy June 30, 2007
MWAC Submission on Proposed Covenant June 29, 2007
MWAC Comments on Product Stewardship for Waste Tyres June 28, 2007
MWAC Comments on Product Stewardship for Oil Review June 27, 2007
MWAC Report on NPC Mark I June 26, 2007
Litter Management Options in Western Australia June 25, 2007
Proactive Public Participation Strategy for IRR in WA June 24, 2007
MWAC Submission on the Program for Managing Household Chemical Waste June 23, 2007
MWAC Submission on Draft Plastic Bag Litter Management Guidelines June 22, 2007
MWAC Submission on the Consultation Proposal for Strengthening NPC June 21, 2007
MWAC Submission on the Proposed Variation to the NEP(UPM)M June 20, 2007
MWAC Submission on Co-regulatory Frameworks for Product Stewardship June 19, 2007
Resource Recovery Incentive Scheme Position Paper June 18, 2007
MWAC Submission on the RIS June 17, 2007
MWAC Submission to Commission for Occupational Safety and Health Proposal to Amend the Bonded Asbestos Removal Licensing Threshold June 16, 2007
MWAC Submission to Productivity Commission on Draft Waste Management Report June 15, 2007
MWAC Supplementary Submission to The Productivity Commission Inquiry into Waste Generation and Resource Efficiency June 14, 2007
Submission on Landfill Levy and Incentive Schemes June 13, 2007
Submission to Productivity Commission June 12, 2007
MWAC Submission on Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Bill and Waste Avoidance Resource Recovery Levy Bill 2006 June 11, 2007
MWAC Submission on Used Tyre Review of Management at Landfill and Used Tyre Stockpile Guidelines June 10, 2007
MWAC Submission on Used Industrial Plastics in Western Australia June 10, 2007
MWAC Submission to the Draft Building Products Strategy June 9, 2007
MWAC Submission on Impacts of Banning Certain Items from Landfill June 8, 2007
MWAC Submission on Household Chemical Waste Storage Design Guidelines June 7, 2007
MWAC Supplementary Submission on Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Bill 2006 June 6, 2007
MWAC Submission on Waste and Recycling Infrastructure Census June 5, 2007
MWAC Submission on Technology and Market Development for Tyre Derived Products June 4, 2007
MWAC Submission on Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS);Investigation of options to reduce the environmental impact of plastic bags June 3, 2007
MWAC Submission on Used Glass Market Development June 2, 2007
MWAC Submission on the Stakeholder Advisory Group Report on Best Practice Container Deposit Systems for WA June 1, 2007